Delivery problems persist through Lacey Post Office

OlympiaMarch 22, 2014 

Though I have been a supporter of the Postal Service and understand that many of the financial issues are caused by unrealistic pension requirements from Congress, but that does not excuse the Lacey post office’s utter lack of customer service. At least three times a week we receive “missed delivery” notices for packages that there was never an attempt to delivery.

With notices in hand, I must drive to the post office and wait in lines of upward of 20 people, while an employee behind the counter chats with customers, wanders into the back or then closes his window because the clock hit the number signaling his break. Normally when I make this trip to the post office, there are at least four of the other people in line waiting because their delivery person decided that delivering the packages was just too much work for the day. Complaints raised to the supervisor of the post office are ignored as the issues continue.

The worst part is the fact that almost every time I am waiting in line, there are more people like me who are there to pick up medicine from the Veterans Administration. I make the trip for my disabled wife and I have seen mothers, sisters, brothers and wives picking up medication for their disabled veterans.

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