Quixote Village cottage built for only $19,000

OlympiaMarch 23, 2014 

William Childress, in his letter published on March 14, gets the math wrong about the cost to build Quixote Village.

Yes, there are 30 cottages, and yes, the total cost of the Village was $3.05 million. But the total cost includes a large community building with showers, laundry facilities, a large kitchen, dining and living areas, offices and a conference room.

The total cost also includes permits, fees, architecture and civil engineering, required road improvements, and stormwater ponds. What we actually paid for the Village came to just under $88,000 per cottage in total development costs. (A cottage, by itself, cost $19,000, and includes a half-bathroom, living space, and front porch.)

The Village was built for less than half the per-unit cost of conventional apartment buildings with studio apartments for formerly homeless adults. That’s one of the reasons the national media cites the Village as a possible template for housing more homeless people. Another, equally important reason is that the Village provides both housing and a supportive community that focuses on personal responsibility, peer support, and clean and sober living.

For more information, we invite Childress and others to check out our website at quixotevillage.com.

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