Parks aren’t the issue on WalMart grocery

OlympiaMarch 24, 2014 

Valerie Esquibel wrote about the construction of a new WalMart Grocery on Yelm Highway, across from Capital City Golf Course. Her concern about small parks is not an issue. We have the William H. Bush Park nearby and we have the much larger Rainer Vista Park off Ruddell Road and 45th Avenue.

Rainer Vista would still be a patch of woods had the Army not sent an Engineer Battalion in to grade the land and install the drainage and plumbing for the park. The land was a donation for a park. About the time I moved here, 1979, the family residing in the Jacob Smith House, sold hundreds of acres of Christmas tree land to developers. The first to come to come to life was the Safeway store at College Street and Yelm Highway, followed by businesses and new housing developments in all directions.

Until then, only the Capital City Golf Course, one housing development and the Bush Park existed. I used to ride my bike down to where Indian Summer Golf Course is and watch deer and other wildlife in the mornings. I am a golf nut, but still was not happy with what is labeled progress, in that respect.

I do want to agree with Valerie about the Walmart store though. It is unneeded and will cause a very serious traffic problem on the Yelm Highway. That parcel of land has been growing in value for some time waiting for big money to come along.

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