Olympia woman accused of kissing 15-year-old boy

Staff writerMarch 25, 2014 

Thurston County sheriff's deputies arrested a 33-year-old woman Saturday after she allegedly kissed her friend's 15-year-old son during a party in a neighborhood near Pattison Lake, court papers state.

A judge found probable cause to support the accusation that the woman committed third-degree child molestation during a court hearing Monday.

The judge ordered her released from jail on her own recognizance, meaning she did not have to post bail. She has no prior criminal history, court papers state.

Also according to court papers:

The 15-year-old boy's mother, who was hosting a party at a home near Pattison Lake on Friday night, called sheriff's deputies Saturday after her son told her about the incident.

A sheriff's deputy interviewed the 15-year-old, and he said the woman was "hitting on him" all night. He added that the woman followed him from a hot tub to a couch and asked him if he was a virgin. He said he told her that he was.

The boy said he was starting to get nervous with how the woman was acting, so he said he was tired and wanted to go to bed. He said the woman told him she was going to leave, but before she did, she got a blanket, and attempted to "tuck him in" as he was sitting on the couch. He said she put her head on his shoulder and asked him if he could keep a secret.

The boy said that when he asked her why she was asking, she said "never mind, your mom will kill me." He said that as he asked her again why she was asking him that, she leaned over and kissed him "as she stuck her tongue in his mouth."

The boy said he immediately pushed her away, and the woman said "no," as if she was asking him a question.

The deputy made contact with the woman, and she denied the entire incident.





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