A modest proposal for officials to lead by example

OlympiaMarch 30, 2014 

Members of the State Capitol Committee, Gov. Jay Inslee represented by Kelly Wicker, Brad Owen, Kim Wyman and Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark, have banned gas leaf blowers from use by Capitol grounds-keeping staff as of June 2014. This measure is purported to “lead by example” in reducing greenhouse gases.

As reported recently, Goldmark is offended by the occasional sound of power equipment used by diligent workers going about their physical toil to provide the city with said beauty as he walks to work. His solution: “Let them use brooms!”

This taxpayer has a solution that would truly have Goldmark and this austere committee “leading by example”. Each member of the State Capitol Committee shall be issued a broom and rake and assigned a 200-square-foot area of the campus to maintain in pristine condition at all times, weather not withstanding.

Additional labor support shall be provided by Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, who sponsored failed legislation to ban gas blowers from the campus during this past session. As they stroll to work each day, they are to rake and sweep their assigned areas to ensure the continued beauty and tranquility of the campus.

They will truly be leading by example, and the taxpayer will finally realize legitimate work with visible, measurable results from elected officials.

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