Gunn reveals her wacky left-wing ideas for port

OlympiaMarch 31, 2014 

Sue Gunn, Port of Olympia commissioner, has now revealed herself. For those who saw in her someone who would reduce port property taxes, sorry, wrong. Someone who might listen and improve port operations? Sorry, nope, wrong again. Could not care less.

Commissioner Gunn has revealed herself for what she is, a saboteur, a bomb-thrower and left-wing environment wacko if that works for you. Moreover she is proud of it no matter that she side-stepped those questions during the election.

Her recent opposition to increased warehouse space and her vote against it was not based on tax funds or port operations but the use of the port for the movement of goods related to her wacky environment ideas.

She may not know, but certainly does not care, how dependent Washington is on trade. Cares less about jobs. Blind to the needs of the entire country. The movement of such materials via another port? Could not care less.

So for those suckers (sorry, voters) who thought they were getting someone else, welcome aboard. You got what you voted for, it just isn’t what you thought you were getting.

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