Brighter, cleaner, safer downtown is possible

OlympiaApril 1, 2014 

When I walk downtown it is much like walking through a picture book of memories from my life. I have lived, worked and played in downtown as a young person, teenager, college student and mother. I truly love and adore this place like family: I take the good with the bad.

Our downtown has seen many iterations of the same problems our entire society faces year after year. When I was 17, I attended my first city council meeting and the topic for discussion was panhandling and youth on our sidewalks. Ironically, we discuss the same issues today.

I am hopeful we can find and generate the solutions we need. We have great potential for renewal in downtown, and with an infusion of the right amount of money we can make it happen. A change will come by supporting development of local and new businesses, renovating blighted buildings, lighting our alleys, generating more usable public spaces, construction/remodeling to generate more housing in our urban core, and increasing feet on the street with the walking patrol and Downtown Ambassador Program.

I believe we can work towards a common shared goal of a brighter, cleaner, and safer downtown.

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