Double standard in play over same-sex refusals?

OlympiaApril 3, 2014 

The furor has died down since the Arizona governor vetoed the bill that would have allowed devoutly religious persons to refuse to participate in same-sex marriages as caterers, florists, photographers, etc. if that participation violated their religious beliefs.

Consider the following extension of that idea: Would there have been the same furor if an observant Orthodox Jew who operated a Kosher delicatessen had refused to cater an event if the menu included bacon-wrapped shrimp (i.e., non-Kosher foods), or if a devout Muslim operating a Halal delicatessen refused to cater an event if the menu included barbequed pork ribs (i.e., non-Halal food).

I suspect that those whose knee-jerk reactions to a devout Christian refusing to participate in a same-sex marriage on deeply-held religious grounds might not be as critical of devout Jews or Muslims who also decline to serve a potential customer on deeply-held religious grounds.

Methinks there may be a double standard here. Think about it.

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