GOP perverts capitalism, eliminates fair playing field

TumwaterApril 5, 2014 

Henry Ford knew how the American economy worked. He ensured that his employees made enough to buy his Model T Ford cars. He knew a middle out American economy worked best.

We need a higher minimum wage. Republicans and multi-conglomerates want a top-down model, exacerbated by pledges to not tax the rich and give them more tax breaks. The top-down “Job Creators model” doesn’t work — it’s a lie. The rich aren’t hiring, only hoarding their wealth. It keeps folks at the bottom poor and middle class with no upward mobility.

President Bill Clinton added 23 million jobs increasing the middle class share of income and wealth. Our forefathers gave us a system of capitalism and free enterprise that allowed for competition. Today’s mergers and companies being bought up by the conglomerates has all but eliminated competition and a level playing field. Oil companies are allowed to rake in extra billions by posting higher prices at the gas pumps.

The perverted Republican definition of capitalism and free enterprise eliminates competition. President Ronald Reagan perverted the FCC, eliminating the Fairness Doctrine. Republicans want perversion of the Second Amendment, redistricting (gerrymandering), voting laws, etc. — sponsored and paid by the Koch Brothers and their ALEC organization.

Republicans, who don’t want a universal health care system, are indirectly responsible for 45,000 deaths every year of Americans without insurance. This is disgustingly immoral.

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