To save our downtown, city must take action now

OlympiaApril 6, 2014 

Are we feeling optimistic about Olympia? Not so much. While the addition of new business and potentially new residences sounds good, there have been many losses over the years.

While most everyone appreciates helping those down on their luck or out of work, we must also increase funding for safety and patrols when a major problem starts taking over our city.

You don’t bring up the transient or criminal elements that are involved in many of our problems. We need more lighting downtown, especially in alleys. We need cameras, an officer on duty to monitor them, and two officers on bikes that can patrol around the clock. This would be a sizeable increase, but necessary if the city is serious about trying to reclaim our city. It’s like the city has a cancer that only some of the leaders have recognized.

We’re not the only city with this problem. Cheap heroin has exploded in use. The city asked for voluntary restrictions on high-alcohol cans but had to impose bans to stop that problem. We need to reallocate the amount of money we spend to have a much bigger portion on stopping illegal activity and making our city streets safe again, or you might as well give the whole place over to a lawless, unsafe haven for the homeless, mentally ill, transient and criminal.

Olympia has a history of paying for many studies, but never taking action. That’s a major part of why we’re losing our city. Take action now and stop just studying the problems.

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