Bad timing on Oso by insurance industry

OlympiaApril 6, 2014 

If anything good can be said about the horrific mudslide at Oso, it is the tremendous response of so many in almost every way imaginable. From the local residents to the first responders to those involved in the ongoing recovery effort to the thousands around the world sending prayers, money and supplies to those affected, it is heartwarming to see such a display of human empathy.

In the midst of all of this, how refreshing and appropriate it was to see that the Northwest Insurance Council waited two whole days to remind homeowners that they were not covered unless they had purchased special mudslide insurance. Perfect timing, insurance industry.

What could possibly be the reason for letting us all know that the people of Oso are out of luck? Why, to scare the rest of us into checking our own policies to make sure we would be covered in such a tragedy. In other words to sell more insurance. Then when it’s needed, to find every exclusion, deduction and every way possible to not pay.

I suggest that the Northwest Insurance Council go to Oso, Darrington and Arlington and learn what good neighbors really are.

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