2-legged dog’s beach run garners YouTube fame

The Columbian (Vancouver)April 7, 2014 

Duncan, a 9-month-old boxer, runs Thursday in Vancouver, Wash. Duncan was born with deformed rear legs that were amputated. His owners are Amanda Giese and Gary Walters, who run a nonprofit animal shelter called Panda Paws Rescue.


VANCOUVER, Wash. — Duncan Lou Who may be missing two of his legs, but he has no shortage of spirit — or fans.

The 9-month-old boxer visited the beach for the first time two weeks ago. His humans, Amanda Giese and Gary Walters of Felida, filmed Duncan as he raced across the sand, chased sticks and explored the waves rolling up on the beach.

That two-minute video of little Duncan Lou Who has garnered over 4 million views since it was posted on YouTube on March 22.

Giese and Walters run a nonprofit animal rescue, Panda Paws Rescue, out of their home. They regularly post photos and videos of their dogs and visiting animals on the rescue’s Facebook and YouTube pages. Another video of Duncan playing in his yard garnered 1.5 million views in November.

But nothing has compared to the frenzy around the video of the blissful puppy on the beach.

“This one went crazy,” Giese said.

It all started with a spur-of-the-moment trip to Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast.

Giese and Walters decided that, after six years without a vacation, they would leave the kids at home and head to the beach. They took the dogs, though, because Duncan had never been.

Giese was a little apprehensive about setting Duncan down in the sand; she didn’t know if the sand would be too hard or too soft, too wet or too dry, for him to stay balanced.

“His feet hit the sand,” she said, “and he tore through it all.”

In the video, he races alongside Walters as he runs on the beach, plays with the other dogs in the family’s pack, jumps at the camera lens, chases a stick Giese drags in the sand and finishes with a handstand, hoisting his rear end into the air to avoid the ocean waves.

The video has melted hearts across the country. Giese has received emails from people whose spirits were lifted by seeing the carefree Duncan run.

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