Arizona veto reveals shameful correctness

TumwaterApril 8, 2014 

I don’t care what party label the next president wears. I do care about what the candidate believes is important to the nation’s well-being. Most of the candidates today are nothing more than political hacks. They know what has gone wrong with our political and economic systems but are unwilling to face the windstorms of protest if they choose to rule against special interests.

Social programs are killing the nation financially, but any attempt to rectify the situation is political suicide. A good example of that happened in Arizona last month. The Legislature approved a bill that would have supported the First Amendment — the right to religious freedom.

The governor surprised most of her supporters by vetoing the bill. A windstorm of protest was raised by opponents of the bill, who screamed that the bill’s supporters were racists and bigots (their usual tantrums and reckless charges). Apparently, the overwhelming threats of economic boycotts and political threats from members of her own party caused the governor to choose political correctness over constitutional law. What a shame.

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