Why no public outcry over new strip club?

OlympiaApril 9, 2014 

Olympia is a beautiful city, with majestic Mount Rainier to the southeast and the Olympic mountain range to the northwest.

We often hear complaints that Olympia is subject to panhandlers and the homeless, yet it remains a family-oriented town with Lakefair celebrations, pet parades and a children’s museum. Summer evenings offer Music in the Park, where families enjoy outdoor fun.

Olympia is a family town, not one that should include a strip club touted by its owner as “the hottest spot from Portland to Seattle.” Located at 3200 Pacific Ave., the club was once named Desire Video. (When owner Levi Bussanich had pitched the concept of an Olympia Sex Emporium, the public protested.)

Why is there no public outcry now? Maybe because the “cabaret” will not serve alcohol and meets all building codes (including a sprinkler system which, of course, is needed for “the hottest spot from Portland to Seattle”).

But think about it: Up to 200 male and female dancers will work on a rotation basis. Additionally, this establishment is certain to be a magnet for illegal drugs and other crimes.

So why is the strip club allowed to blemish our family-oriented city? Ah. Under the First Amendment called “freedom of speech.” That means that we who oppose have that same right. Let’s do so.

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