Strip club not adding to our city’s charms

LaceyApril 12, 2014 

The residents of Olympia can be really proud to have their very own strip club right there in the capital city of the state of Washington. I’m certain that should draw many desirable visitors to the city.

When my husband and I first moved here more than 30 years ago, Olympia still had some charm. I kept thinking someone might wake up and realize it could and should be a tourist destination. Instead it has become almost a slum area. You’ve got a downtown area where no one wants to go and if they did want to go there, parking is a problem, it’s not safe to be there if you do find a place to park, and now you have a strip club.

The town needs an easily accessible hotel or motel not on the peninsula with a nice restaurant and a real chef, but not so expensive as to drive the average person away. It wouldn’t hurt if the hotel/motel had a piano bar or some mellow music of some kind and lots of parking. Brochures and promotional literature should underline the fact that Olympia is surrounded by fun destinations like the ocean, Mount Rainier, Hood Canal and several wineries with tasting rooms.

There are lots of things you could promote, so you figure it out. In the process, figure out how to clean up the downtown area to make it charming again.

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