Hey, Oly City Council, can you spare a dime?

OlympiaApril 13, 2014 

If there is one event that defines Olympia, it’s our Earth Day parade, the Procession of the Species. We are a city proud of our love of all living creatures, and in the parade, you might even find a few that Mother Nature hasn’t blessed us with. Yet.

It is the most wonderful, vibrant, spectacular, joyous event ever held in downtown Olympia. It brings in somewhere around 30,000 people to line the parade route, and it often seems like there are just as many in the parade itself. It is easily the most loved and looked forward to event that comes to pass in Olympia only but once a year.

Now, there are many things the Olympia City Council does that I don’t understand. The biggest of which right now is why our City Council refuses to contribute even one dime of support to one of Olympia’s most cherished events. If anyone can explain our City Council’s refusal to give any of our tax dollars to the Procession of the Species, I know that there are many of us that would really like to know why.

Or perhaps better yet, maybe some of us just need to reassure our Olympia City Council that that dime could not be better spent.

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