Gunn realizes urgency of climate-change action

OlympiaApril 17, 2014 

What many Olympians may not know is how exemplary Sue Gunn is as a public servant and a member of our Port of Olympia Commission. Although she may disagree with her fellow commissioners, or perhaps with staffers at the port, she is always courteous, friendly and respectful. I am proud to say I was one of her supporters as she affirms my wise choice with her actions.

I was privleged to see her PowerPoint presentation on fracking and I was most impressed. Obviously, she had conscientiously worked to organize and summarize material on a complex subject so it could be clearly and well understood.

Her presentation explained why she opposed getting bids on a new warehouse for fracking materials, suggesting instead that the money be used to create local sustainable jobs. It’s certainly an idea worth exploring. As many members of the public pointed out at the podium that evening, global climate change is threatening human civilization.

By abetting expanded fossil fuel extraction we are closing whatever small window of opportunity remains to shift to green energy sources before it’s too late to mitigate this impending climate crisis.

I believe Gunn understands the seriousness of our climate situation, and she has the patience and determination to work towards the goal of climate change mitigation from her place in public office — and to do so with astonishing grace and civility.

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