Poaching plea deal riles up sportsman

RaymondApril 18, 2014 

Article in the April 5 edition about the “Wild game poacher gets 90 Days”: What an insult and a slap in the face to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife and to the legal sportsmen and women of this state. We pay a ridiculous high price for the privilege to hunt and fish, and extra money for permits to enter state land that we already pay taxes on.

Bona Bunphoath knew exactly what he was doing. To make a plea deal to help the Fish and Wildlife Department maybe helped a little, but it was to save himself. It’s baloney to use the excuse that he did not know because he was from Cambodia.

For the spineless judge and prosecutor to allow this is insulting. By the way, what happened to the other suspects that were doing the poaching and selling? This whole thing just burns me and it should bother the rest of the sportsmen and women.

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