Christian leaders spread message of redemption on Easter

Staff writerApril 20, 2014 

With the arrival of Easter, religious leaders around the local area are preparing their messages for the community.

“God did all of this for us so that we can have free life and not have to deal with the guilt of our sins on a daily basis,” said Church of Living Water Associate Pastor Joel Mulholland.

“Everyone does things that are wrong, but in that moment of conviction you say, ‘Jesus died for me, he took away my sins and my guilt and I just need to try to be a better person.’”

For Mulholland, Easter is a reminder of God’s message of redemption.

“You don’t need to walk around feeling guilty all day for the things you do wrong. As long as you stop, and ask God for forgiveness and accept it, you can move on from there.”

The Church of Living Water, like many other local organizations, is looking to spread its message to the larger Olympia community through an expanded and direct outreach.

“A lot of people believe that you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ by coming to church,” said Mulholland.

“We agree with that. However, we like to also celebrate the freedom that Jesus gave us by going out into the neighborhoods and community and doing things that we can to make things better, just like a good neighbor would.”

For The Rev. Patrick McDermott of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Lacey, Easter represents a time to reflect on how to treat, and how to inspire, those we encounter in our daily lives.

“As we gather and celebrate Easter, we celebrate that the Lord truly has risen,” McDermott said. “The Lord shares with us the gift of joy and peace that we see reflected in Pope Francis and reminds us as Christians of how to live that joy and peace as we reach out to one another.”

This year marks the second Easter that the Catholic Church has been under the guidance of Pope Francis, who continues to place a larger emphasis within the church on helping those in need. “I think one of the things that the pope has done is that he’s helped us all to be aware of the power of the risen Lord in our lives,” McDermott said. “His call that we reach out to those who are poor and needy really carries on that same ministry that Jesus performed.”

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