Feds should compensate owners for gopher lands

TumwaterApril 22, 2014 

I read where the Do-Gooders did get the pocket gopher on the endangered list. Doesn’t anyone associated with this realize the serious problems this will cause? Look at all the farmland this will remove from producing hay and other necessary farm products all for the sake of saving a rodent.

Now that this has come to be, the lands made unusable because of having gophers on the property should be removed from the property tax roles or the land owners should be compensated for not being able to use their land.

The federal government subsidizes farmers for not growing certain crops and also in some cases pays farmers for not planting crops at all. So it would only be right to compensate the owners of the lands where the pocket gopher lives.

Or better yet, the government should purchase the lands from the land owners unfortunate enough to own land where these rodents live. Then the government agencies involved could start their own little rodent park and on special occasions invite the Do-Gooders to come and dine on roast rodent.

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