Former Lacey resident and accused drug dealer back in jail

OlympianApril 22, 2014 


The man who police say stored $30,000 worth of drugs in his white Ford Excursion limousine was arrested for the second time in two months after he allegedly sold $200 worth of ecstasy to a police informant last Friday.

Jai J. Bhagwandin, a 29-year-old former Lacey man, was out on bail for 11 pending felonies, including possession, delivery of drugs and felon in possession of a firearm, when he allegedly sold more drugs in Chehalis, court documents state.

Bhagwandin allegedly sold the ecstasy to two informants outside of Spiffy’s restaurant on Friday, court documents state. When contacted by police, Bhagwandin admitted to selling the ecstasy. Bhagwandin is accused of being the supplier to numerous Lewis County drug dealers and was the subject of a lengthy Centralia police drug investigation.

During his preliminary court appearance Monday afternoon in Lewis County Superior Court, Judge Richard Brosey set his bail at $100,000. The judge emphasized that if Bhagwandin did bail out of jail, he was to stay away from drugs. Bhagwandin will be arraigned Thursday.

The police raided his former Lacey house, on the 6400 block of Stephen Court Southeast, last month and allegedly found approximately five pounds of suspected marijuana, two pounds of hallucinogenic mushrooms, six ounces of suspected hash oil, prescription pills and less than one pound of MDMA, which is known as ecstasy or "molly." They also located a firearm, which Bhagwandin is forbidden to possess due to his previous felony convictions, as well as about $16,700 in cash.

The police also seized three vehicle during the search of the residence. One of the vehicles, a long white limousine, contained three one-pound bags of mushrooms, valued at an estimated $4,500, eight pounds of marijuana and an egg carton filled with chunks of butane hash oil, which is extremely concentrated THC - the main active ingredient in pot. The value of all the drugs in the limo was estimated at about $30,000.

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