Get down on your knees and thank Sue Gunn

OlympiaApril 23, 2014 

I support Sue Gunn’s position 100 percent, and then some. Fracking is an incredibly dirty and destructive practice. If letter writer William Jackson studies this issue carefully and does mathematical projections into the next year based on current usage and practice of this drilling/mining practice, he will see that perhaps as soon as a year from now we will have no more safe and clean groundwater.

When he holds a Bic lighter to the water from his shower, it will ignite from the hydrcarbon pollution as it did for some residents of a Southern California community where this technique was employed.

Jackson should get down on his knees and thank Gunn for throwing herself in front of the bullet that is about to enter his chest instead of writing letters to criticise her. We all need to fight this right practice now, right where we stand.

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