Pot farm debate about destroying rural areas

TeninoApril 27, 2014 

The Tenino pot farm article missed the actual story. The story is two corporations have come into a well-established rural residential neighborhood and plopped down an industrial-type facility complete with security fencing and cameras and turned a cute little old farmhouse into a boarded-up, sad-looking affair. It is an example of the unintended consequences of the new law by allowing this type of operation into these types of neighborhoods under the guise of being agricultural.

The Thurston County Commission did not listen to their constituents. We are not part of an incorporated city or town — most which have passed ordinances to either not allow or make it very difficult for grow operations to be housed within their jurisdictions unless done so in industrial areas. This unfortunately means rural areas such as the Skookumchuck Valley are being targeted.

Jonathan Swartz, the owner of this endeavor and a local attorney is quoted in this article as somewhat surprised by his new neighbors’ reaction to his enterprising ways. Let’s be clear our attitude has nothing to do with growing pot.

It has to do with the destruction of the rural character of the neighborhood and having people hide behind corporations as neighbors with no regard to the damage and destruction they are causing.

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