Keep pot vending units out of Washington state

TumwaterApril 28, 2014 

As a high school student, usual first-period conversations stem around what’s hot on Twitter or the morning radio show. There was only one topic flying around today, however: marijuana vending machines.

Social media was buzzing too about the recent Colorado decision to approve marijuana vending machines. Right now it’s only for medical patients, but it won’t be long until anyone over 21 can purchase it from those machines.

We’ve seen vending machines for tobacco outlawed because youth were getting tobacco from them, even though they were only in places for people over 18. Didn’t we learn from that mistake?

Students who are against marijuana use believe the vending machines are horrible and don’t want them in Washington. Come on, how hard is it really to take your parent’s ID to scan into the machine, the only verification of legal age required?

Users in my classroom bragged about how much easier it would be to obtain and resell. As an employee at Together, a local nonprofit that supports building healthy communities, I’ve seen what marijuana abuse does. In classrooms we know who the stoners are and how it’s affecting their lives. Marijuana is the No. 1 reason youth enter drug treatment.

As the upcoming generation, are we willing to let kids witness pot being purchased next to candy, or have a fourth-grader steal an ID and buy it for themselves?

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