Post-McCutcheon abolish the unfair electoral college

OlympiaApril 29, 2014 

Congratulations to the conservative right on their victory via the Supreme Court’s decision regarding McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. Now that corporations are persons more so than actual people, we’ve come to learn that pouring large amounts of money into a compaign is now considered free speech.

So if you’re poor or just a middle-income citizen, your voice isn’t as loud as, say, the Koch brothers. Ergo, your free speech won’t be heard within our impressive, world renowned system of democracy.

It’s been said that our votes can trump money spent on campaigns. Really? Well then, if such is the case I’d like to make a freedom of speech recommendation as well. Since technology has surrounded us with multiple means of communcating at the speed of light, let’s abolish the electoral college. After all, we no longer have Pony Express delivering our votes to Washington. What is the point of an electoral college in today’s politics?

If the Republican party wants to skew voting districts with gerrymandering, then why not eliminate the electoral college, thus giving the people a popular vote. Perhaps this will counter the mess that’s been made of our electoral process. Give the popular vote back to the people.

Congress, are you listening?

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