Anticipating Democratic campaign themes for 2014

OlympiaApril 29, 2014 

Apparently, the Democratic Party’s 2014 talking points have already been disseminated and are being espoused by all party faithful. They consist of phrases intended to rouse their base and anyone emotionally reactive to such snippets. Be prepared to hear more regarding voter fraud and those mean Republicans who want to make voting more difficult. Then there’s the war on women, supposedly initiated by the misogynist GOP. Let’s not forget income inequality, surely the result of the infamous Koch brothers.

The immigration problem, another dilemma created by the do-nothing and racist Republicans, will be revealed as needing an immediate fix. “If only the illegal immigrants were Irish.” – Where did the Honorable Nancy Pelosi hear that comment?

Reference to the Affordable Care Act may be limited to how it can be fixed, though those running for re-election may eschew the subject altogether or not accept any responsibility for its passage. So begins another well-orchestrated and manipulated campaign season.

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