Don’t let the oligarchs stifle solar energy

LaceyApril 30, 2014 

Per the April 21 article “Solar energy rules”:

On July 4 we will celebrate the birth of American independence, but it is evident that our true independence is in peril. It is becoming increasingly evident that the petrochemical oligarchs, like the Koch brothers, fear anything that threatens their control of the world’s economy. They already have bought and paid for many members of Congress as well as a significant numbers of state governments. Now they are attempting to use their political muscle to cripple solar power, a resource over which they currently have no control.

Is it wise to put the control of America’s future in the hands of these domestic speculators who do the bidding for a cabal of foreign powers? It’s time to wake up and realize the current attack on our true independence is as least a threat as significant as that which we faced in the time of King George.

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