Losing Bob Graham, a true public servant

OlympiaMay 2, 2014 

In contemplating the sorry state of politics currently it’s sometimes easy to romanticize the past. The good old days weren’t always good. But there was a commitment to public service that seems selfless today.

Thus it was with regret that I read of the passing of such a public servant: Bob Graham. Many who knew Bob Graham in his later years did not even know he had served as state auditor — let alone that he served seven terms in that capacity (and worked 17 years in the office prior to that). Like many of his generation, Bob was not of the “Don’t you know who I am?” school of politicians. Perhaps Army service during World War II gave him perspective.

I would see him and his beloved wife, Llloydine, at political events, and he drew no attention to himself. We are losing a committed core of those who cared enough to involve themselves in politics for reasons of community betterment and not self-aggrandizement.

Since I first ran for office in 2004, a great many senior citizens who were Democratic activists have passed on, with names including Warren Bishop, Rosalie Gittings, Vern Hathaway, Evalyn Poff, Margie Reeves, and Helen Stewart. Like Bob, memories of each live on for those of us blessed to know them and the good they brought our community; we could all learn from their honorable lives and examples.

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