Gunn’s slavery comment is a hateful comparison

OlympiaMay 4, 2014 

During the April 28 Port of Olympia Commission meeting, I was asked if I was running for office because I observed that Port Commissioner Sue Gunn was complaining about lack of adequate public notice on an April 14 work session agenda item while walking on her own agenda item at this meeting without such notice.

For the record, I am not running for public office and prefer evidence-based decisions by my elected representatives.

In response to divided public comment about fracking, Gunn compared fracking with slavery. I ask Gunn if she presumes to speak for African Americans when she makes this hateful comparison.

In my opinion, this was a new low in civil discourse, a form of bullying citizens who disagree with her position that fracking sand cargo should be boycotted by the port, and a violation of her responsibility to ensure the public is heard.

Anti-frackers ignore the fact that agriculture and wildfires contribute more CO2 to the environment than fossil fuels do. In fact, they drive gasoline-powered cars to port meetings. On April 28, I counted 28 cars in the port meeting parking lot, of which only three were hybrids.

I support the construction of port warehouse B because it has no rational connection to fracking despite the dramatic efforts of uninformed and uncompromising citizens to make it so.

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