Mysterious noise just night trains, trucks?

OlympiaMay 4, 2014 

I’ve been followiing the letters to the editor referring to unexplained noise at night. I know what it is, or am pretty darn sure of it.

I heard it the first night that I stayed in my new home on Capital City Golf Course. That was in July 1979. I was standing in the kitchen, we had not even moved in.

As others who hear the noise, I was curious. I am nearly deaf; hearing aids only make things louder. My ears are very sensitive to sounds, loud noises hurting my ears.

So here is my answer: Warriors, going way back in history put their ear to the ground, listening for encroaching armies on horseback and the rolling of wood wheels thundering on the ground. The plains Indians, same thing. Many buffalo, even guessing how many.

Then white men, ear to the rails listening for trains, number of cars and etc. It’s all in the history books.

The letters I read seem to cover the whole area of Tumwater, Olympia and Lacey. And for good reason, sound travels best at night. I’m told we have over 75 trains using the tracks that run through this area, and we have Interstate 5 traversing all three towns. Trucks travel more at night than in day.

We don’t have to put our ear to the ground to hear the steady hum from these dozens of train’s and thousands of trucks. Makes sense to me.

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