Political money drowns out other people’s voices

OlympiaMay 5, 2014 

Columnist Michael Kinsley wrote in the April 15 opinion page that money is speech, and therefore unbridled contributions to political candidates of any persuasion is just an exercise in constitutional behavior. Oh, were it just that.

To equate unlimited financing with speech is to be either naive or callously cynical. A voter’s voice is just one voice, an unlimited financial contribution is far and away just that — money for drowning out the voices of every-day people.

The closing paragraph of his column provides us with his simple answer to concerns of equity, fairness, and equal treatment under the law when it comes to campaign finance and the vox populi as we once knew it. His answer is “more and louder speech of your own.”

That may work well for the fat cats but not well at all for the 99 percent of our citizens who do not have the loud money to amplify their speech.

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