Obamacare a success only in liberals’ minds

OlympiaMay 6, 2014 

Only in America can a man, the president, parade around the country telling us how successful his signature legislation is. We began this sordid journey with the horrific tale that there were perhaps 30 million Americans without access to health insurance.

So, the Democrats designed a law, which no one read, to ameliorate the problem. Implementation of the law was a fiasco. They spent approximately $677 million to design a database that didn’t work. Several states had problems with their multimillion-dollar systems as well. Over 9 million lost existing policies. How is this a success?

They could have given each of the 30 million uninsured 22 million dollars each to buy insurance and left the rest of us alone. By my calculations, we now have more people with no access to health insurance than when we started and we have spent close to a billion dollars. Only in the mind of the liberal Democrat is that considered a success.

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