It’s bicycle month, but dangers are everywhere

OlympiaMay 8, 2014 

Regarding May bike month, public safety reminders enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety. Bicyclists should ride cautiously, wear proper gear and be visible, and obey the rules of the road.

Bicyclists and pedestrians find comfort in well-marked paths or roadway shoulders. Sub-optimally maintained, the lanes are intended to have markings for safe use. Some drivers ignore the fog line and cross into the right of way of the bike paths, obliterating much of the fog line paint by this unlawful driving practice.

There are other problems aside from vehicular incursion onto the shoulders across fog lines. One common practice is the improper use of commonly designated traffic pathways by refuse services. These obstructions are created by waste disposal companies and their customers when containers are improperly placed on the shoulder or on pedestrian and bicycle lanes. Forced to swerve into their legal right of way and often into traffic, path users are at great peril when motor traffic speeds by just inches away.

This dangerous behavior by the customers and trash service drivers can be prevented through common courtesy and awareness. Whether we walk, skate, bike, drive, or just put out the trash, be cautious and courteous and stay healthy.

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