Unedited videos shows Knight has free speech

OlympiaMay 11, 2014 

JZ Knight has the right to say whatever she wants, and despite claims by Thurston County Democrat Chair Roger Erskine, she can even say hateful things without “going to jail” or “paying a fine.” That is the freedom enshrined in the First Amendment, and it appears from Erskine’s comments that he might need a tutorial on the Constitution, something the Freedom Foundation would be happy to provide for the Thurston County Democrat Party any time.

I don’t condone what she said, but I support JZ Knight’s right to make hate speech. As long as she is not hurting others, she can rant and hate all she wants. However, when your hateful speech gets broadcast to thousands of people around the world — pretending that it never happened is hardly the honest defense.

The six videos of JZ Knight attacking Mexicans, Catholics, and organic farmers released by the Freedom Foundation were not edited for content. JZ Knight speaks for herself as the largest donor to the Thurston County Democrat Party very eloquently. If anyone really believes they are “edited,” then I would encourage the Democrat Party to release the “unedited” version.

Erskine said that the $65,000 from JZ Knight is going to support the Kennedy Dinner. I wonder how people attending a fundraising event honoring the first Catholic President feel about it being underwritten by anti-Catholic hate speech?

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