Kids all egg-cited about class project

Hatchlings a hit among third-graders in Lacey

lpemberton@theolympian.comMay 12, 2014 

Students at Pleasant Glade Elementary School in Lacey were all atwitter last week with some breaking news: The wait was over, and several baby chicks were hatching in the third-grade classrooms.

“Usually it only takes about 21 days to hatch,” said Nathaniel Rubio, 8.

“When the chicks start hatching, they kind of get a little bloody, but that’s normal,” added Maddy Silverthorn, 9.

This is the fourth year paraeducator Mona Michaelis has brought fertilized eggs and incubators into the school. She usually brings duck and chicken eggs, but this year one of the eggs was from a golden pheasant.

“It’s just the experience of nature and watching the babies hatch,” Michaelis said. “It’s been really fun to watch the kids’ faces as they watch these little ones hatch.”

Sometimes the eggs don’t hatch, and that’s part of the lesson, Michaelis said.

“There are a couple in here that I know will not hatch,” she said.

The students will have a chance to candle those eggs to see how far they developed, Michaelis said.

Third-grade teacher Pam Deck said students always enjoy the classroom hatching project.

“We had the opportunity to do a little unit on eggs, and how they develop, and we shared it with the kindergartners,” she added. In about a week, Michaelis plans to take the chicks home to her 6-acre farm near Olympia.

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