Stop delivering fliers unless it is requested

OlympianMay 12, 2014 

One afternoon, I noticed a young woman tossing a thin rolled up newspaper in individual plastic bags on every driveway.

At my request the young woman informed me that The Olympian printed and provided the inserts. I walk every day and notice that these items collect and some have been run over and flattened or become gelatinous.

One afternoon I walked through my neighborhood that includes five homeowner associations. None of these promote community cleanups while the home residents just ignore the pileups at the end of their driveway or the curbs.

I contacted The Olympian and was informed The Olympian had the right to deliver unless the home resident informed them otherwise. I clarified that most families find bargains online and it makes more sense to deliver only if the service is requested.

I picked up three buckets packed with these inserts left to rot from curbs, driveways and streets. Daily Olympian: save trees, money, gas and the environment. Stop this practice.

Carol O'Hare, Lacey

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