Enterprise for Equity helps business startups

SteilacoomMay 14, 2014 

Investing in entrepreneurs is the unexplored path to economic healing, a solution beyond left and right. Right wing oligarchy is not true capitalism: corporate cartels own politicians, control markets, fix wages and prices. The left promotes a centralized nanny-state that smothers free market creativity.

Between these extremes, private monopoly and public bureaucracy, local business entrepreneurs feel crushed. Yet they are the lifeblood of our fiscal future, hiring neighbors, building communities, modeling self-sufficiency.

The vast majority of American corporations are local businesses with less than 15 employees. At the end of the day they take home little to feed their families, are heavily taxed, and can’t send out letters begging for tax-deductible donations. They produce or die.

Yet most college students are taught to disdain the business model, seeking salvation in a simplistic redistribution of wealth which neither stimulates productivity nor creates sustainable jobs. This is fiscal entropy, the heat-death of the economy.

Surely we can promote an ethic of social compassion without demonizing business. Stimulate the economy through government investment in local entrepreneurs: this could harmonize our political vision.

Here in Olympia we have an inspiring model. Enterprise for Equity trains the poorest citizens, many who have been homeless, to start their own businesses. Several have become successful entrepreneurs. I honor them.

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