Bicyclists and motorists can share roads safely

OlympiaMay 15, 2014 

I bike to work every day through downtown and over the past three years have nearly been killed several times by bad drivers or by people who weren’t paying quite enough attention at the right time.

I also drive through downtown and see too many cyclists acting like idiots, angering other cyclists and drivers as well as endangering themselves, and potentially others.

Recently I witnessed two such examples, one of which was at an intersection near Bayview where a young man casually rode his bike through the cross walk, against the light and in doing so forced everyone else to wait. Maybe he wasn’t paying attention, maybe he didn’t care, but no matter the lame excuse, there is no good reason to ride so disrespectfully.

Situation No. 2 involved a different young man riding up Mud Bay across from Target, going the wrong way, with his hands off the handlebars, smoking, and listening to full stereo-size headphones. This demonstrates a) stupidity, and b) a complete disregard for anyone else who also use the road and who could become injured should an “accident” occur, being the unpredictable events that they are.

As drivers, we have metal cages around us that go a long way toward protection from bodily harm. As cyclists, we have none.

Hopefully the good drivers will continue to recognize this and give the cyclists space, and hopefully they know that the occasional moronic and disrespectful person is by no means representative of the greater biking community.

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