Cuykendall was uncivil at port commission meet

TeninoMay 16, 2014 

Clydia Cuykendall’s letter to The Olympian of May 4 continued her long-running series of attacks on Port Commissioner Sue Gunn, accusing her, inaccurately, of making hateful comparisons.

From watching recent Port Commission meetings on TCTV, it’s clear to me that the only hateful behavior is that of Cuykendall. She’s been bashing Gunn from Day One, repeatedly distorting Gunn’s words in what seems to be a vengeful smear campaign. Meanwhile, Gunn calmly and politely goes about doing what we elected her to do, studying the issues and clearly explaining her positions and actions.

At the last meeting, Cuykendall rudely interrupted another speaker, yet had the nerve to claim that Gunn is stifling public comment. Hmm. I hope anyone who believes the statements in Cuykendall’s most recent letter will just watch the meetings on TCTV. You’ll see who’s loud and uncivil, and it won’t be Gunn.

It’s time for this attack campaign to stop. Cuykendall, instead of shouting invective at Gunn as she did near the end of the last meeting, and instead of firing off angry and inaccurate letters to The Olympian, should settle down and work with the commissioners, all of them, to improve the port.

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