Death is the only just penalty for some crimes

LaceyMay 16, 2014 

In response to Eugene Robinson’s May 6 column: No sir, I have no problem with the way Clayton Lockett was put to death for the crime he committed. None. His suffering was unintentional, unlike that of the young woman he murdered.

While I m not in favor of torture and believe executions should be put on hold until another source of lethal drugs can be approved, the death penalty is the only appropriate punishment for people like Lockett. Robinson’s statement that “When we murder people we become murderers” is absurd. To say that is to say that what Lockett did does not matter. His victim was not being punished for a crime. She did not choose her fate.

If Lockett did not want to be executed all I ask is that he does not beat, shoot and then bury alive an innocent human. Capital punishment is not about revenge or prevention or saving taxpayers money. It is simply the only just punishment for what Clayton Lockett chose to do.

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