Fight for a U.S. budget supporting all Americans

OlympiaMay 19, 2014 

The billionaire-bought, Republican-dominated U.S. House of Representatives budget strikes a devastating blow aimed to reduce the middle class, from aspiring students to senior citizens, into poverty. This continually warring nation by the privileged super rich beguiles gullible minds to keep voting for their huge tax breaks while needing them the least.

The once noble idea of a nation for and by the people has turned into a nightmarish travesty of deliberately mass producing unhealthy foods causing obesity, deadly pharmaceuticals disregarding neither side effects nor exhorbitant prices, a world made for gun-obsessed, pop cultic, mass sports engrossed dumbed down ignorant illusionists, who presume to become part of that end game of the oligarchic few.

In this nation money votes. Thus, if you wish your voice to count necessity forces you to choose between essentials, charitable donations, or political contributions in David and Goliath proportions.

Astonishingly, though, very few of the most affected rise up indignantly in their defense. Partly due to their shrinking funds, partly due to their blind trust in misleading Fox news, holding three jobs, exhaustion, or, God forbid, utter indifference?

Let our Northwest set an example of fighting for a socially responsible budget that supports all Americans.

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