Candidates reflect parties, not the interests of voters

LaceyMay 20, 2014 

I see by the papers that the approval rating for our elected leaders is at a new low. Well the time is approaching for another farcical election. Why would I call it farcial? Well, let’s look at a few items.

Approval rating: low 20s. Incumbents re-elected: 96 percent. This is also true for state and local elections. Candidates are selected by the political parties, voters approach elections like a new football season. The attitude of the voter always seems to be: The Ds or the Rs are my team and to be a team player I must support the candidate of my team.

People wake up. Candidates are not selected for their views on issues. Candidates are selected because they support the aims of the party (which are not the same as the voter) and the latest decision from the U.S. Supreme Court allows a greater than ever distortion in the funding of candidates.

Money is speech, so all you people (98 percent) with no money just shut up and let the Real Americans aka the 1/10 of 1 percent make your decisions for you.

So, it’s time for my biennial rant. If they are incumbents, vote them out. Every one. Then next election, do it again. Only if bought and paid for politicians learn that there are penalties will they ever listen to the voters again.

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