Things to think about before voting this year

OlympiaMay 20, 2014 

With the advent of yet another midterm election almost upon us I believe that it is long past time that the sleeping giant that is the American electorate awaken. For decades the GOP has blackmailed us out of voting in our families’ best interests with sound and fury signifying nothing.

Never mind the fact that hard working Americans are losing their homes, their livelihoods and their retirements.

This time think before you mark your ballot. Never mind the labels of party. Ask yourself. Is the fact that some poor woman has made the decision that terminating an unwanted pregnancy is the best thing for her more important to you than a good job with a stable future that you and your family can rely on? Is the fact that two adults who share the same gender, love each other and wish to make the commitment of wedlock more important to you than the ability to put food on the table or clothing on your family’s backs?

Is it more important to you to see America immerse itself in every conflict that we can find or instigate than to see those funds and human efforts used to repair our crumbling infrastructure and reinvent the American manufacturing base?

Please think of these things as you peruse your ballots and by all means exercise your constitutional right and vote.

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