TSA means Terrorizing Special-needs Adults

TumwaterMay 21, 2014 

In the past three weeks, I have gone through security at airports four times and have been pulled out of line for the pat-down all four times. Why? Because of my new titanium knee joint. It seems that TSA has no other way of clearing me other than having a female agent groping my private parts searching for contraband. Not even my status of TSA pre-check saved me.

It made no difference to me when the agents proclaimed that they were using the backs of their hands. I had no choice in the matter, they were touching me, and it felt dirty; at two of the four pat-downs, I began crying. On one, I asked for a private screening. Big mistake. I was subjected to a more vigorous search, with the woman’s supervisor watching. It was almost unbearable. I got the feeling that the extra attention was because I inconvenienced them.

I had to explain that I cannot raise my left arm in the air because I had polio as a child, a fact that I have never gotten accustomed to sharing with many people. All of this for the safety of the flying public?

If 60-year-old handicapped women with joint replacements are the new terrorists, then I suppose the whole world is in trouble. Shame on TSA for not figuring out how to exempt handicapped adults with metal implants from this humiliating facade.

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