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sue.kidd@thenewstribune.comMay 21, 2014 

It’s entirely possible that old disparaging reputation no longer tarnishes rosé wines, but to squash any doubts, spend two minutes chatting rosé wine with Kris Blondin, Tacoma wine maven and owner of Stink Tank, the wine bar; and sibling business next door, Stink Cheese and Meat.

Blondin will pour at least 10 of her favorite rosés at a taste-off with snacks at Stink Tank – from 5-8 p.m. May 21. Here, she answers a few questions about her wine tasting.

Q: Tell readers a bit about Rosé-a-Palooza — what happens at the event?

A: We have 10-11 rosé varietals from around the world and some tasty snacks. Rosé is the ultimate summertime wine, especially for the red wine drinker that doesn’t like white wine. You can drink it cold and technically, you ARE drinking red wine so win-win. By the way, this is my most popular wine tasting of the year, so we must be doing something right.

Q: Explain to the uninitiated the fundamentals of rosé wine — what is it about the wine that you like?

A: Grape skins give red wine its color. Rosé is basically a red wine (merlot, cabernet, syrah, etc.) where the skins have been left in contact with the juice for a very limited amount of time – only a few days. That’s really all it is. I like it because it’s fun and easy to drink. The fact that it’s pretty-n-pink is just a bonus.

Q: If you were to buy a splurge bottle of rosé — what would you get? Why? What’s a bargain bottle that could become a daily drinker for a rosé fan?

A: My favorite rosés come from Provence, France. They are just amazing wines. Maybe it’s because they have only been producing them like um, forever? My indulgence would be Chateau d’Esclans Les Clans Rosé. It’s about $75 a bottle, so I don’t drink that like – ever. Sexy in a glass is all I can say about that… My cheap go-to rosé is Vieille Ferme. It comes in a bottle ($9) AND a box ($21). Super big bonus by the box (4 bottles)! I drink that like – all the time.

Q: Why do people treat rosé like it’s Kool-Aid? Is it really the underdog of the wine world?

A: Because the California wine industry in the ’70s and ’80s ruined good wine! White Zinfandel (which isn’t a grape but a recipe for pink wine) encouraged the concept that anything pink is sweet. NOT true. And yes, it is the underdog of the wine world and if I or Rosé Girl have anything to say about it, it won’t be for long. I always have a rosé on my wine list and that will never change. Rosé in Paris during the summertime is all the rage. All the cool kids are drinking it.



What: A tasting of at least 10 rosé wines from all over the world, plus snacks.

When: 5-8 p.m. May 21

Where: Stink Tank/Stink Cheese and Meat; 630 St. Helens Ave., Tacoma; 253- 426-1347, stink

Details: Cost is $10 for 10 samples and snacks.

Sue Kidd: 253-597-8270

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