An apology for a letter written some years ago

OlympiaMay 22, 2014 

I’m writing to apologize for an unacceptably snarky letter to the editor I wrote to The Olympian some years back. My letter chastised Storman’s, Inc. – Ralph’s Thriftway/Bayview Thriftway – for their refusal to sell the so-called morning-after pill, while at the same time seeking rights to sell liquor.

I see an item in a recent issue of “Talkin’ Trash,” the newsletter from the Thurston County Public Works folks, that these two local grocery stores do sell a cool, green and healthy product called FreshPaper. Seeing the newsletter article reminded me that the Stormans people, unlike a lot of companies, do many good things to benefit our communities.

Yes, their decision not to sell the morning-after pill is a decision with which I will certainly never agree. It’s their store and their call. I was wrong and childish to poke fun at them. I do apologize.

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