Make a donation for mental health month

LaceyMay 23, 2014 

It is discouraging to see how the political system plods along as usual when mental illness is in such desperate need. Mental illness is headline news when bad events occur but nothing of substance is being done to help identify and treat problems ahead of time.

In our own area we have had death, PTSD, shootings, homelessness and more. But in spite of these traumatic events, the political gears continue to grind as though there is no problem and public money is allocated for one thing or another with only little for mental illness.

One bright spot is the existence of National Allegiance on Mental Illness (NAMI). It is the largest grass-roots organization helping the mentally ill, providing support groups for the individual, their relatives and caretakers. This is also the month of NAMI’s annual fund drive. NAMI is a top-rated charity in, an organization that rates charities according to the use of their donations and it indicates NAMI uses only a minimum of their donations administratively.

So, if politics fail to help the mentally ill, we can all participate to help out on our own, grass-roots level. I strongly encourage you to visit that site and donate.

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