GOP wastes time, money on Benghazi fishing trip

OlympiaMay 24, 2014 

The House of Representatives is controlled by the GOP and more accurately by the small number of neoconservatives who set the agenda. This is the party that shut down the government, the same group that claims the nation needs immigration reform, and border security, but then does nothing about it when they are the party in control of the agenda.

Their own leader pointed out recently that the GOP members are afraid to be on record for any vote. It might risk their lucrative positions and make them accountable to the public back home. It is much easier for the GOP to do nothing. They never send a bill to the president that can possibly be vetoed or really debated. They will waste opportunity, and tax dollars, this summer by not legislating. Instead they will do what they prefer, which is investigating Democrats.

For the sixth time they will beat the dead horse story of Benghazi, or they will try to repeal Obamacare, but they will never investigate who slipped the UN speech that lead us to the invasion of Iraq and the thousands of dead Americans from that goose chase.

Rather than deal with immigration reform, or the failing U.S. infrastructure, or actual progress, wastefully, the GOP will go on a fishing trip.

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