Nielson rejects corporate donors

OlympiaMay 26, 2014 

I ’m writing in response to the article posted on titled, “Libertarian Steven Nielson taking on GOP Rep. J.T. Wilcox in 2nd LD”, published on March 18. In the article it read, “he (Steven Nielson) will limit his fundraising and expenditures to not more than $5,000 — in addition to paying his filing fee.” It should be clarified that he and a large group of unpaid volunteers rallied over two months to get more than 421 signatures in lieu of paying the filing fee, contrary to his opponent J.T. Wilcox who has paid his way onto the ballot yet again. In your article you state Wilcox already has raised $84,772. According to pdc., most of that money is from large or out-of-state corporations, including “Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. (St. Louis)” and “Pfizer Inc. (New York)”, just to name two of the many corporations and PACs that have donated the maximum $900 amount. Compare that to Steven Nielson who has committed to taking only donations from individual donors, and getting the support from people, not corporations to secure ballot access. He has raised $1,500 in small, private donations and returned donations which originated from corporations. I hear people say they are fed up with corporate influence in our political system, only someone committed to serving the people of Washington’s 2nd Legislative District, from Lacey to Mount Rainier should be considered in this election. The choice is clear. Thank you.

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