Fund education and beat terrorism

OlympiaMay 27, 2014 

Thank you for covering “Ethiopian advocate for educating girls brings message to South Sound.” Selamawit, like those abducted girls in Nigeria, knows the power as well as the risk of gaining an education. We are feeling the tragic repercussions of the fear that educated girls brings to the hearts of some. And yet educating both girls and boys is an answer to so many individual and international hopes for peace and prosperity.

What can we do? We can show the world that we care. The U.S. should stand behind the Global Partnership for Education, a multilateral organization that’s working. The multinationally supported GPE has already helped developing countries create sustainable education plans that resulted in 22 million more children in school. You can show that you care. Call your president (202-456-1111) and ask him to support what the terrorists fear most: education. With a $250 million pledge from America added to other donors, the resulting $3.5 billion will help to give 29 million more children a chance for an education. This is a big part of the “Development is a lot cheaper than sending soldiers” thinking expressed by former Sec. of Defense Robert Gates. Selamawit, the families in Nigeria, and we all benefit.

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